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Spartan helmet myth

Someone says that everyone descended from a warrior
choose your helmet carefully, through your soul will find your legend

Spartan warrior Helmet Ring

LEGENDARY: the legends that bronze helmets are the recurring symbol of the tenacity. Worthy holder the warrior who never betray their oath. Loyal, but severe against enemies. The vital basis for each company.

Spartan Fury Ring

THE FURY: the legends that are furious lone warriors. Who owns the fury is a devoted warrior but a prey to the fury of damnation. People are impossible to control, free from rules and laws, bend the fate sweeping everyone and everything.

Myrmidon Spartan Ring

THE MYRMIDON: the legends, Warriors of the black flag are the most devoted and loyal to the cause. Ruthless and perfect to combat the difficulties using the tactics and style taught by the immortal champion “Achilles” All who love the friendship and passions.

SILVER: they are the most altruistic and resistant, the perfect vanguard companions of life.

FAITH: In the battle, as in love, one joins the other under a oath. Faith that symbolizes the union until the end

BERSERKER: the “Berserker” warriors are the most brutal. Their puissance makes them invincible despite threatening injuries. They are relentless. Their helmets usually covered by broken Aloro identify the strength and endurance. Their actions come before their legends.

GUARDIAN OF THE TEMPLE: The sacred temples are protected by the sacred warriors. The armors possess mystic powers.
They are the most devoted.

THE ANCIENTS: the old warriors, forgotten heroes. The royal guard with their worn and damaged armor. Only hard characters enter the battle only if capable of a glorious end

THE ARMORED: More resistant armatures to withstand the enemy hordes. Their bearers are chosen for physical superiority.

THE GODS WARRIOR: Shining armors with divine powers. Their keepers are selected from the stars.
The purest of the warriors

THE CROWN: Incarnation of the ancient gods. Myths and legends are living in the modern world.
Their owners are entities wrapped in mysteries.

THE HEROES: They were rare but strong. Unique warriors in the world. These magic armors are made with their blood and are part of the ancient leaders.
They would give their lives for their companions.

The helm was part of the armor from ancient times to defend the head from targeted attacks. The helmet has always had not only protection but also the true face of the soldier as it showed only that during the heat of battle! Each helmet tells the story of the warrior who carried it with him. He was handed down from father to son. Each helmet tells his story. “Now you can tell your own!”

I forged this bronze ring to recreate the same lifeblood that could convey the true armor they wore the Spartans. The bronze was the most used material for weapons and shields at that time and I wanted to repeat the same color and antiquities effect, to convey their strength their own feeling of being able to express who you really are.

As in all things there ‘we need to sweat and effort to give life to things. To imagine how it could be put on a armor and fight the battlefield is a difficult thing. Here today I propose a superior product, where your skin does not remain in contact with the metal but a special enamel coating will make your trip more comfortable and more! More you will use this ring with you and take the actual shade of the time. This last step is left to you, because each link may have your sweat and take life.