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All our world is born here. Here ideas come to life, to make the most incredible jewels in the world. This site offers never seen lines, incredible prototypes, unique jewelry for an exuberant and ambitious public. For over a decade, we have been inspiring other “brands” in the world, now devoid of their own imagination. Here is born the art of a jewel inspired by myths and legends, by history and by heroes. Your jewel is born here. Not only conceived but also forged with revolutionary methods and cutting-edge technologies to give you a unique work. A journey of discovery, between drawings and photos, videos and travels around the world and international fairs, today these jewels can reach you. Here the jewel still does its job. It will magnify the eyes of anyone and identify your person. Welcome to the world’s most unique high-design jewelry club.


The new VIP section is dedicated only for customers that we know well, an “Exclusive Club” with special card and code that we will provide to our indiscretion.
1- the customer must have purchased several products from our exclusive collection.

2- the customer must have participated in reviews on the official website

3- the customer must have participated with reviews on our social Facebook page

4- the customer must be subscribed to our newsletter

5- the customer must be registered in full on our system.

6- the customer must request the code directly from the official website or on our whatsApp number

after having verified the credentials, the “VIP” Card will be sent the personal code

the VIP section is a section where the customer can see and purchase jewels at the prototype level, at a discounted price. In the future, the most requested can be sold for everyone.

You can participate in our dedicated forum to discover and participate in our ideas and to suggest your constructive opinion.

You can preview “SpartanRing” projects and complementary jewels

Exclusive events

This section is a reward for staying closer to our trusted customer. Participate in an exclusive program, which will allow him to participate in our company and be able to cultivate his passion with us.