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IF THE PRODUCT YOU HAVE CHOSEN NOT ‘AVAILABLE, YOU CAN TO ORDER AND BUY IN ADVANCE. THIS GIVES YOU A PRODUCT OF QUALITY AND WITH PRICE UNCHANGED. NOTE THAT PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (as they are currently coupon). OBVIOUSLY ON OBJECTS ALREADY ‘PAID THE PRICE REMAINS UNCHANGED. DELIVERY AND AVAILABILITY SOME ITEMS THAT YOU CHOOSE THE SITE, SUCH AS THE RINGS ARE MARKED IN OUR STOCK, BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE IS CERTAINLY THE EXTENT YOU ARE REQUESTING. BLUE Donato Giuseppe is giving service to the customer, in order to offer a product tailored, so that it can choose in its various options: colors and materials. These in fact are real unique objects, built on ordinazione.L’azienda periodically updates the stock and therefore does not rule out an already now find what you are looking. Our fabrications follow the practice of using measures indicated in the various products, but we meet every need of information, and more, to ensure the maximum transparency to the customer. Donato Giuseppe recommended to send a quick email, so you could ask for certainties of the extent of the chosen measure, or any information; It is a small step before proceeding with the purchase. Thanks to technology we can stay close to the buyer will be contacted, again via email, to confirm the purchase and / or delivery; in case of lack of the measure in stock choice, it ensures that the product will be in a short time in possession of the buyer. If the required product will also be purchased if not present in the warehouse will be part of an advance purchase, the items can not be ordered unless the payment is made by completing the transaction. All orders will be shipped via Express Courier. Shipping is free on the whole Italian territory. The ordered goods will be delivered within 20/30 business days, if it is already in our warehouse within 7 days. You can check your order status and shipping through freight forwarders if you want site that can be controlled through a special code that you require. these waiting times are unfortunately required for manufacturing the product and for the business organization. Donato Giuseppe advised to purchase as soon as possible when a product available to avoid waiting. In the near future, the company is committed to a faster service without losing reliability. Thanks for the trust