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In 22 years of work in the field of high jewelery, working with major international brands, they will learn many things, advanced techniques that apply since 1994 the best in jewelry. I made my hobby a job, have always been passionate about fashion and style, as well, combining a love of fine jewelry and these two passions years ago I founded my own brand.

A choice that I feel brave, definitely not easy, but I carry on with passion, a passion that leads me to always seek the best, to be at the forefront of design and goldsmith, following international meetings and exhibitions, because as in many fields, knowledge is one of our best weapons.

And I think that’s why our jewelry now attracting so much attention, being communication is important and it is essential to express one’s self through the jewel, not with so many odds and ends that are on the market, but with something beautiful and unique.

Most of the brand takes care of jewelry ready-to-wear, but I want to focus on individuality and character, giving you a unique way to stand out from the crowd, to identify best with taste and refinement.

Mine is definitely an ambitious project, but I do not consider I arrived, I’m here to improve in order to give you the best, even ready to humbly accept constructive criticism that will allow me to grow again.

Because I think that the only limit is ourselves.

The company’s history





Born the brand Donatojewels

A very clear idea:
draw special jewelry protected by patent.

A great dream come true, the first major international project.
In partnership with Toei Animation I gave birth to the first official collection of jewels of Saint Seya.
It was a great honor to work under the supervision of master cartoonist Kurumada.

Saint Seya Collection



Vicenza Oro

The first participation at
Fiera Internazionale del Gioiello di Vicenza


Las Vegas

The realization of a dream: Show my ideas overseas.
Audiences love the news that I present to JCK in Las Vegas, rewarding the Spartan Ring.

Achille Greek Ring



Achilles, inspired by Homer's hero is the first Spartan Ring limited edition.



I submit my jewelery lines in Japan, receiving great admiration even from the Japanese people.

Mexico loves now the news that I presented, in Mexico City, arousing interest and curiosity even by some newspapers




Las Vegas, again!

Las Vegas confirms a successful showcase for Spartan Rings and other jewels of my collections.

The First Store

Open in Grazzano Visconti the first official sales point, where thanks to initiatives and events you will appreciate my jewelry.



Open the site dedicated to the prince of my production: Spartan Ring