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Ring in Bronze and enamel.

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Remember who we were, so he told me… Memory is a very powerful form of energy, remembering gives us the power to reflect, understand. On the monumental tomb of King Leonidas there is a very famous writing engraved in ancient Greek: : ΜΟΛΩΝ  ΛΑΒΕ  ,   which translated means: Come and get them. This phrase was the response that King Leonidas gave to a high-ranking Persian military officer, when asked to lay down his arms and surrender. The great pride he gave his people still resonates today. Since then we have been given great teachings by the Greeks. Here with this 925% silver band completely embossed both internally and externally, we can always carry this memory with us. A ring of incredible craftsmanship, unique, as only the designer Giuseppe donated, taught us to appreciate. Inside we find an elaborate finish carved into cubes, and both sides engraved and embossed with both the ancient Greek writing and the company logo. A unique ring to absolutely have to complete your Spartan style. Excellent combination to associate with other rings.

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