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Achilles was the best fighter in all Egeo Empire, over 3200 years ago….

Special ring in Silver 925% black rutenio and zaphiro stone. All our products are assembled by hand, to measure and demand through our labs to order. Once you completed your purchase order will be needed by 15-20 days to receive it.

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Achilles was the best fighter in all Egeo Empire, over 3200 years ago. The legend has it that he was invincible, and his power born with him.
Surrounded by lust living in Pythia island and always his fight for his self. The first simbol of freedom in past time.

The special sculpturing design is it was thought for the esigent clients that all days work hard in office and can use this ring only out work. Every days they can see and remember all story about this ring in a confortable office desk. But in week-and try think, pheraps with your motocustom inside the hill with your special ring on finger to give gass at the motor bike.

The ring of Achilles, Greek hero and leader of Myrmidons, inspired Giuseppe Donato in his meticulous work, increasing the new “rank” of accessories inspired Greek helmets. Product stand in bronze,ring in   silver 925% black rutenio and  zaphiro stone.


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