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Special ring in Bronze, Silver 925%, crystal ruby, enamel.

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2021 presents the new collection of SpartanRing rings. The scorpion of Hades is the quintessential fighting symbol. The ancients used this symbol to represent the deadliest warriors, usually special guards. Symbol of the god of the underworld Hades. He used these creatures to kill his enemies. Resistant in armor, deadly in combat and poisonous thanks to the sting. According to tradition, the ruby ​​red represents Antares the giant red star. The supreme design of this ring features a scorpion integrated on it, an example of a unique design in the world. Sculptural elaborate ring made of multiple materials.It will take approximately 40 working days to receive this ring. All jewels are handcrafted tailor-made. Each ring can be modified to create your own personalized work of art. Fantasy is your only limit. (any modification will result in a surcharge. The SpartanRing Brand and its designer Donato Giuseppe will communicate the new quotation for the purchase.)

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