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Spartan evil eye


Ring in bronze and enamel.

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Chasing away evil and evil, misfortune and evil eyes has always been a quest for man. Even in ancient Greece, sailors and warriors used the powers of the Gods to break evil, among the most popular was the Blue Eye, a magical symbol that derives from the Gods. it was said that he brought good luck and was able to protect against misfortune and adversity. It was said: you have as many eyes as Argo where nothing escapes.

All the boats had the two big blue eyes on the bow of the ship to protect themselves during the voyage, but when you went to war, shields and armor and amulets were painted with the red eyes of evil, to cast bad luck and negative powers against the opponents! These traditions are still very strong today throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond. The eye has always been one of the most mystical and power symbols. The Porta design studio to create this new SpartanRing jewel. A strong symbol against bad luck. The great warriors wore these enameled eyes on their breastplates.

Using this product, scratches and wear will be the maximum expression of a worn and combative helmet, this is the philosophy.


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