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Spartan Gold Shield


Original Spartan Ring in Silver 925% gold 18kt and enamel.

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The fantastic Spartan Ring in its first custom evolution in 18kt Gold. His superficial shield is completely in gold, giving life to an elegant jewel, with a warrior character. The large collection is expanded creating more and more unique jewelry in the world. The golden shields are the totality of design, of the jewel and preciousness in a combination of craftsmanship that are unique in the world to give you, history, passion and Jewels art.

In the myth: The warriors who possessed The Golden Shields possessed relics sent by the Gods to accomplish their will. The best characters can carry the ancient protections in order to defend the weaker.

These Jewels are built completely by hand and made to measure. They need 30/40 days to be received at home.

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