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About 3200 years ago, the must powerful warrior in the world, the Spartan, was born in Europe.
In acient Greece, between the most difficult battles and the most impossible challenges they have taught us to never give up, unshakable, proud, strong, united. A symbol of justice and freedom.
Today more sports as Marzial Art, Boxe, Body building, the CrossFit,the Spartan race  they chasing their deeds by training hard to overcome the hardships of modern life.
A long time ago, when I was child my hero was a the Greek Warrior and the mythology has always been the inspiration for my fantasy and hobby. The past was where I directed great attention to reflect on my life. All great heros like Achilles, Perseus, Odysseus and Alexander suggested in my mind the right way. With my pasion and professional art, I could fuse both and create the result is my brand. My first symbol and unique jewel was the Spartan Ring ; The result of a unique design expression of strength and honor that mediterranean culture has been able to offer to the world over centuries. An incredible object that is as simple as beautiful…an accessory that knows how to express the heroic history of our land, recalling the greatest heroes that gave birth to myth and legends!
Built in different versions to create different effects and colors.
Now you can buy and use this special jewes and reflect your soul always and everywhere.

All our products are assembled by hand, to measure and demand through our labs to order. Once you completed your purchase order will be needed by 15-20 days to receive it.
The Spartan ring shows itself off!
Only the hard. only the strong…


Spartan warrior Helmet Ring

Always the is men be obsessed with the dimension of eternity, wondering…
how we are?
with how much value we fought?
with how much pain with loved?
… As we are granted the luxury of having that thrill… the emotion, that passes and never returns…
You chose it, but this ring calls you!

This is not only a jewel but a sibolo of your life