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Alexander Ring

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Special ring Alexander’s helm, in silver 925%, 14k gold and 2 topazes ,Support in bronze. Our products are all handmade and custom made at our workshops upon order. Once your order has been processed it will take 20 to 30 days to complete it.

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The great King of Kings, Emperor and Pharaoh Alexander! This jewel is dedicated to him: the fantastic helmet ring, composed of 7 parts, carefully hand-worked in our specialized laboratories. 14kt gold. 925% silver and two Topazes, with a unique design. Incredible shiny sculpture that you can carry on your finger, excite anyone who sees you, triggering curiosity and refinement in detail. 7 years after the last Limited edition Giuseppe Donato shows the future of the “SpartanRing” project. It is getting closer and closer to the world of high jewelery. This spectacular jewel is produced in only 100 specimens worldwide. We do not just create jewels but collectible works.

Using this product, scratches and wear will be the maximum expression of a lived and combative helmet, this is the philosophy.

in 2019 the version was updated and enriched with 14kt Gold components.

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