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“SpartanRing” Phantom Berserker


Original design “SpartanRing” in silver 925%, enamel.
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The fantastic “SpartanRing” shows his latest work “Berserker” in a new color, a custom of 2018. This ring emits a great strength and malice, a real pride for all indomitable souls. The “SpartanRing” once again shows how from the past the designer “Giuseppe Donato” has managed to make this immortal jewel travel in time. Unmissable!

The legend: The “Berserker” warriors are the most brutal. And their ghosts are still the most terrifying today. No one would ever want to see the Phantom of a restless warrior fight again in the battlefield. They were tactics used until the early Middle Ages to stop the strongest enemies. Only a legend? Their helmets, usually covered by cracks, identify their strength and endurance over time. Their actions arrive before their legends.

Using this product, scratches and wear will be the maximum expression of a lived and combative helmet, this is the philosophy.

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